You have succssfully completed this workshop. In this workshop, you have learned the following:

  1. How to setup an IVS channel in AWS Console, or use Rest API.
  2. How to stream a live stream to your IVS channel using OBS.
  3. How to play back live stream using Chrome broswer using player SDK.
  4. How to insert timed metadata to your live stream to pass along information to player.

Now, let’s clean up your account and be frugal!

Clean up your resources!

Be frugal!

If you are running the workshop on your own and have completed all steps, make sure you delete the resources you have created to avoid causing unnecessary costs.

To delete your IVS channel, go to AWS console, navigate to IVS service, select Channels, select the channel you want to delete, and click the Delete button. Type Delete in the popup dialog, click Delete to confirm.

Try to fresh up your skills just learned from the workshop? Try to delete your channel using Rest API. Below is a hint.