Create IVS Channel in Console

Create an IVS Channel in AWS Console

  1. On the AWS console, navigate to Interactive Video Service via the following link.

  2. Locate and click the Create Channel (orange) button on the page.

  3. In the Create channel > Setup section, type your channel name (in the example below, the channel name is 'mytest-channel'). Under Channel configuration, accept the Default configuration. Under Record and store streams, choose Auto-record to S3.

  4. Choose Create recording configuration. Create recording configuration window opens. Input 'ivs-recording-configuration' as Recording configuration name, and choose Create a new Amazon S3 bucket in Storage section, input 'my-ivs-archive' as the Bucket name. Click Create recording configuration button to return to Create channel user interface. Click Create channel.

    Note: The recording configuration can be reused to associate with different channels. 
  5. A channel is successfully created with a unique ARN.

  6. On the same page, scroll down and document the following:

    1. Note the Ingest server and Stream key to be used in the next step.
    2. Note the Playback URL to playback the video in the web-browser, Android, and iOS.
    3. Note the ARN value required for API access.
    Note: The stream key will never expire until it is explicitly deleted by calling DeleteStreamKey.

Note: You can check your recordings in the S3 bucket, and can serve the recordings as VOD assets. For example, the recording of my session when served by AWS CloudFront using the S3 bucket as origin, it will take the follow URL format:

Module Summary

In this module, you learnt how to create an IVS channel using the AWS Console or with AWS APIs. Now, we need to provide a stream input to this channel. We will use OBS software to generate a live stream in the Start Live Streaming module.