Prepare AWS Cloud9 Environment

In this step, you will use AWS Cloud9 to prepare an cloud based IDE environment with just a browser to write, run and debug your code.

From AWS console, go to Cloud9 service and locate Create environment button. Click Create environment to start. Enter myDevEnv in the Name input text box, and click Next step.

In Environment settings, leave Create a new EC2 instance for environment (direct access) as default, and leave Instance type as t2.micro as the default instance type. Leave other options as default value, and select Next step.

Note: Since we will only use AWS command line tool in this workshop, t2.micro instance type is sufficient for our use case.

Modify lambda function

Click Create environment to continue. Now AWS Cloud9 service will take a few minutes to create your AWS Cloud9 Environment. Once it is ready, you will be connected to your broswer based development console. You can adjust the windows size by mouse over the window divider such that you have a larger view of the command line console.

Modify lambda function

Note: You can leave Cloud9 in a separate broswer tab, and open a new tab for your AWS console.

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