Start Live Streaming

In this step, you will create a live stream that flows into your IVS channel created in the previous module. Live Streaming Step 2, start live streaming

OBS is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. We will use OBS to start a live broadcast from your laptop. If you do not have OBS sofware, you can download it from

  1. Start a Stream Using OBS
  2. Module Summary

Start a Stream Using OBS

  1. Open OBS, go to Setting (at the bottom-right corner, above Exit) and select Stream. Set Service as Custom…, copy/paste the Ingest server (see channel info ) to Server field, and copy/paste the Stream key to Stream Key field.

  2. Select Video from the left menu, and configure the output video bitstream’s resolution and frame rate. In the example below, they are set to 480p30 (852x480). This is the recommended setting to ensure smooth stream with minimal bandwidth and processing power consumption on your computer).

  3. Select Output from the left menu. In Output Mode, select Advanced, then set

    • Encoder as x264

    • Rate Control as CBR

    • Bitrate as 2000 (or lower)

    • Keyframe Interval (seconds, 0=auto) as 2

    • CPU Usage Preset (higher = less CPU) as veryfast, and

    • Tune as zerolatency

Bitrate should match the network conditions. The recommendation is:
* For low-speed network connection, use 360p30 1mbps;
* For medium-speed network connection, use 480p30 2mbps;
* For high-speed network connection, use 720p30 3mbps;
* For ultra-high-speed network connection and production-grade computer, use 1080p60 6mbps.
Keyframe Interval is set to either 1 or 2, otherwise the end-to-end latency won’t be low (meaning >5s);

  1. Now the configuration is done, click OK to close the Settings window. In the left bottom of OBS main window, in Sources section, click + to add:
  • Video Capture Device, which will be your webcam
  • Browser with the URL of, which will be used to measure the end-to-end latency. Drag and resize to place it to a proper location.
  • Text, provide a text as the title of your stream. (in the example below, Text is set as This is my live streaming demo).

Click Start Streaming to start the live broadcast.

The square in the right bottom corner need to be green during the broadcast session. If it becomes orange or red, go back to step 3 and lower your Bitrate

Module Summary

In this module, you learnt how OBS software can be configured to stream live to an IVS channel. You also learnt about managing your live streams with add-ons and using the right bandwidth and resolution parameters. In the next module, you will verify playback of this stream on the output of IVS, acting as a client. Click for Browser Playback Module.